16 December 2010

The undies pub

Of all the roadside attractions I've seen since leaving home, the Undies Pub (as it's known) definitely wins. It's at Daly Waters, which is more or less in the middle of nowhere, but that hasn't stopped it becoming a major tourist attraction. No doubt it's in all the Lonely Planets - and for good reason!

The place is a collage of Australiana and the strange bits and pieces that travelers have left behind: brassieres, undies, ID cards, flags, hats, photographs, thongs, foreign currency, a bunch of hurling sticks lefts by the Irish national team - you name it they've got it.

The publican, Lindsay Carmicle, told me how it all began...

1 comment:

Stacee said...

That is so cool! I Want to visit this pub one day and leave my bra! hahaha!