09 December 2010

Escaping Saint George

I never made it to Cunnamulla. The Germans were nowhere to be seen the following morning so I was back on the side of the road with my thumb in the air. After four hours the heat became unbearable and I went to Wendy’s house.

She said I could stay there until I scored a ride out of town. With the skies darkening it was beginning to look like a long wait. My only hope was the band that had been playing the previous evening. They were heading north to Roma and I’d left my number at the pub with a message for them to call me.

The call came through around mid afternoon, just as storm clouds were gathering overhead. Hallelujah, I had a lift!

They were as desperate as I was to get out of town because their bass player had tickets to see Muse play in Brisbane, and he needed to be in Roma to catch his flight.

The only question was, would we make it across the flooded roads?

The answer, of course, was yes!


Flamestar said...

just the thumb eh? Sounds like you've been down on your knees a bit too!
Glad you're back on the road, groupie.

Rooo said...

Looks like any fears of you dying of thirst by the side of the road were unfounded.