15 November 2010

Testing the heat

Despite my insistence to family and friends that no (severe) harm will befall me on this ridiculous hitchhiking journey, there’s no denying the risks involved.
The tropics and the desert are notorious haunts for psychopaths of the axe-murdering variety, and the names Ivan Milat and John Bradley Murdoch have begun to haunt my dreams. 
But more on them below. The most certain threat to my wellbeing is from an even more notorious killer, the Australian climate.
Summer temperatures along my route average in the upper 30’s, and a friendly field officer at the Bureau of Meteorology in Tennant Creek told me to expect temperatures as high as the mid 40’s.
Thanks Vickie!
So, in the name of sensible preparation I decided to acclimatise as best I could as the mercury rose in Sydney over the weekend. Not quite to 40 degrees, but it was hot.
Here’s how I went...

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