30 November 2010

Shoplifting: fine in Victoria

Having worked at the mines in Western Australia until the start of 2010, Damon has been traveling the country ever since. His trip has been a whirlwind tour of amphetamines, all-night benders, drinking and shoplifting.

Damon tells me his favorite thing in the world is shooting up ice. He was clean while we drove from Glen Innes across the Queensland border to Warwick, but even so he was incredibly hyperactive. He reckons ice calms him down.

As his money has dwindled over the past year, his reliance on shoplifting has grown. He told me about being caught out in Melbourne...

BTW: I do not condone shoplifting in any way, but I find it pretty extraordinary that shoplifting to the value of, say, $599 only attracts a $239 fine in Victoria. I mean, what are they thinking?? No wonder Damon is so blase about it!!

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