26 November 2010

Living in a community

Gavin gave me a lift from Armidale to Bellingen. Along the way he told me about the community he lives in with about a dozen other people on a shared block of land.


Josephine said...

It appears that much luck has happened in the onset of you journey. What an interesting diversity of lives you've met so far. I'm kind of on the edge of my seat awaiting more... whats next! take care traveller >:-)josie

yay dogs!

Felicity said...

What an adventure you are having! and we are sharing it all with you. We have loved meeting these 'Australian characters'. There are so many rich lives and lush landscapes you are showing us... look forward to the next installment. Felicity

Living in backpacker hell said...

Gavin's got the life ...! Love the guy!